Recommended partners

Purple Property Consultants have spent time putting together a panel of trusted advisors from various industries that are here to help you with your buying process. Each one has been handpicked to offer you the same level of service and care as we will and we will introduce them to you at the earliest opportunity.

Recommended partners

International Property lawyers

Property law can be highly complex and varies significantly from country to country. This can present all sorts of questions for people looking to invest in international property or to sell a foreign property, as well as people who inherit property abroad and anyone else who finds themselves dealing with property in another legal jurisdiction.

We understand that our clients want the confidence of knowing their affairs are being looked after by a company with a personal interest in their story, who understand and have extensive experience in the issues facing them in a foreign jurisdiction.

With many years of experience and a comprehensive knowledge of international property conveyancing and property law across multiple jurisdictions, our overseas property lawyers can make your life simpler while keeping you and your investment protected.


We have chosen to collaborate with a market leading mortgages broker to give you the best advice and assistance should you need a mortgage. They have been operating in Spain since 2006 and since then have cemented their place as the leading independent broker in Spain. They were one of the first brokers to achieve the Bank of Spain’s official licence (introduced in 2020), are completely independent and have a wealth of experience in a market where contacts are everything and premium service is key.

It’s advisable to get a mortgage approved in principle before starting the purchase process. This will confirm the upper limit of the price range in which you search and can put you in a stronger position when negotiating the property price; the vendor/developer will know you are serious and can move quickly. If you are looking for or need a mortgage, we will introduce you to our preferred partner at the start of your search with us.

Managing your Currency Payments/Sending money overseas

Exchange rates are widely overlooked at the start of the buying process when looking for a property overseas when priced in a different currency than your own. The risk of currencies moving is often bypassed in the excitement of buying, despite the fact that the price of your property can be changing by the minute. As a ‘live’ market, the cost of buying or selling euros will change constantly over the course of days, weeks and months and the fluctuation can be dramatic over the course of the buying process. Understanding your options from the start is crucial for you to get the best rates and service from a currency broker. Banks do offer this service but at a much higher cost if fee's and also worse exchange rates than a broker can offer you.

We partner with a leading payments company that will work with you from the beginning and guide you through your options and the process of securing the best rate for you at the time you need it.

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