Everything you need to know about the Spanish digital nomad visa and working remotely in Spain

Fancy getting away from your desk in the UK and jetting off to work abroad? Well, that dream could soon become a reality for those interested in working remotely. 

With the rise of remote working across the would due to the coronavirus pandemic, Spain is planning to introduce a new kind of visa for those that are able to work digitally. 

Whilst the plans have not been officially announced by the Spanish government, we’ve prepared a guide on everything we know about the Spanish digital nomad visa, and what you need to know about working remotely in Spain.

What is the digital nomad visa?

Spain is planning to introduce a digital nomad visa that will allow you to stay in the country and work for a maximum of 12 months. 

Whilst the plans haven’t been formally announced just yet, they are expected to be official in the next 6 months. 

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Who can get a digital nomad visa in Spain?

The new visa has been designed for foreign workers from Non-European Economic Area (EEA) countries. 

Those with EU passports or coming from Schengen countries are already allowed to work remotely in the country for under 6 months of the year, without needing to register for an official visa. 

For those looking to apply for the visa and who are arriving from non-EU countries (like us Brits), will need to be:

  • Employed by a non-Spanish company.
  • Have an income with less than 20% earned from Spanish companies. 

The new visa is an ideal option for people working remotely, or those who work as freelancers and entrepreneurs who have multiple clients. 

It will also benefit those employed full time with a foreign company, who have the ability to work from home or abroad.

How long does a digital nomad visa last for in Spain?

Whilst there has been no official announcement just yet, the new Spanish digital nomad visa is expected to last for one year after it has been approved. 

Under the current proposals, residents who hold the visa will be allowed to renew it for a further two years if they continue to meet the necessary requirements. 

Why choose Spain to work remotely?

  • Weather - With winters that arent nearly as cold as the UK, Spain is an ideal home for those that enjoy warmer climates. During the summer months, expect highs of around 30°C and averages of 25°C. 
  • Food & drink - No matter which area of Spain you work and live in, you’ll find an abundance of delicious foods. If you love the idea of paella and tapas in your lunch break, you’ll love working in Spain.
  • Life in Spain - Being a digital nomad in Spain means you’ll get to enjoy lunch breaks in the sun. And, if your wifi is good enough, why not work whilst getting a golden tan?
  • Golf - With over 70 golf courses in the Costa del Sol, you can play golf all year round in the sun!

For more guidance on working remotely in Spain, read our recent guide. 

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Where in Spain can you work as a digital nomad?

A lack of job opportunities in rural Spain, which has been heightened by the Covid-19 pandemic, has left many small towns and villages throughout Spain with shrinking populations. These destinations are particularly open to welcome remote workers. 

Around 30 towns across the country have already joined the National Network of Welcoming Villages for Remote Workers, which encourages digital nomads to visit the area.

You can find an interactive map of all of the locations welcoming digital nomad so far on the network’s website, but here’s a shorter list of our top destinations that have already joined the digital nomad network:

Costa del Sol

  • Benarrabá, Malaga
  • Genalguacil, Malaga
  • Tolox, Malaga

Castile-La Mancha

  • Letur, Albacete
  • Elche de la Sierra, Albacete

When the plans are officially announced, we expect that this list will continue to grow with lots more towns across Spain. 

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Working remotely in Spain

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Published: 14 Sep 2021
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